Founded in 2008 by two friends with great passion for the fashion world, Mr.Mrs.Shirt is now a well-established Italian brand that caters to the modern woman.

Known for its modern styles and for the high quality of its fabrics, the brand image is a perfect blend of simplicity, sophistication and modernity.
Both classic and contemporary design, fresh and innovative silhouettes, luxe fabrics and unexpected modern details are the core idea of the collection. Classic and minimalistic undertones fuse elegance with an air of effortlessly chic attitude.

It started at beginning as a capsule of stretch silk shirts, the collection has been growing during the years.
The range has been broadening with silk shirt dresses and silk velvet tee shirts, all inspired from the same original mood, expressing a timeless but modern perspective.

All Mr.Mrs.Shirt collection is made in Italy, and sold worldwide with selected distribution.